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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Aqua Plain

The Cane Fields are Flooding.

The beach is eroding.

The She-oaks roots are exposed.

The little fellas' hair has been tamed by a blue-haired lady in a funky jump-suit.

The limitations of wet weather were overcome when Grandpa's old toolbox was discovered.

The magical contents of Grandpa's toolbox have been put on display inside the house, a new toolbox dedicated to Grandpa and all the making men in the family.

The flood waters closed all roads to school, prompting an excursion to a big kids place of learning.  Where the locals were  friendly and inquisitive.

Thank goodness for paper, scissors, elastic and staples - real life savers over another wet weekend.

The roads cleared and the wind has blown the rain away for now, but what of the cyclone off the coast?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lucky Me

A couple of drifters left town for the weekend.

So I moseyed on down GOMA to admire the glittery delights of APT7.

These Lalava lashed cyclinders left me feeling a little homesick for Samoa, eventhough they were created by a Tongin artist from New Zealand.

These interpretations of lalava lashing patterns are currently inspiring two little ladies going for an arts grant.

Standing in the PNG spirit house brought on a serene sense of belonging and ideas for displaying all the beautiful billums gifted to DSG over the past two years.

Delightful island Marys' were carved to sit atop a Head in PNG.

The fine mat of the islands starred in this interpretation of the Pieta. 

This whimsical work reminded me that I was in the city, a long way away from Island life.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Slithering in the New Year

Saturday night my good friend and I went on down to Chinatown to celebrate the year of the Water Snake.

Promising to bring good things for the coming year and put an end to the disasters which occurred last year.

Shimmering, shaking dragons visited the restaurant, bringing good fortune, thundering drums and cymbals.

Brides to Be took full advantage of this auspicious evening to celebrate their upcoming nuptials.

I slithered into some big shoes in this cool shop.

And took in the visual feast that is Chinatown, from the decorative laser cut public seating.

To the dolly girls giving out small red and gold packages.

Bring on the Water Snake Luck.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I Could Be So Lucky

This week marks the second week for the boys return to school in Australia, well a return for one and a new start for the other.

As the school year approached Smiley turned off his food for several days, then while shopping for back to school books he suddenly doubled over in pain and broke out into a cold sweat!  The Officeworks assistant offered him a chair, but it turned out he was just hungry and not having a severe reaction to the back to school hype, like I was.  Seemed he was over his fasting and ready for feasting.

I was starting to feel nervous, once the boys were back at school, I was to begin finding work. Two days before the start of school I bumped into an old work mate at Coles, who recommended me for a job.  Could I be so lucky!


The night before school I tackled the boys haircuts myself as making a hairdresser's appointment was just a bit too hard.

I should have made an appointment, even Dee Dee looked terrified at the prospect of me giving her a lopsided do.

The boys first day was a success by their assessment, they decided school in Australia has a lot going for it, compared to school in Samoa. 

Playgrounds are a definite bonus.

Music lessons and a library with computers.

'Circus' for sport and in a gymnasium with mats!

Long playtimes.

It was a successful day all round, I got a job, one day a week in an area I had hoped to get into, I can't believe my luck!

There have been more wins, the boys can now tie their laces, after two and a bit years of wearing thongs or jandals as they call them in Samoa.
I took this photo at the end of the first day of school, guess which kids are mine?

I wonder if Smiley will manage to wear shoes all the way through today, he hasn't yet?

Monday, January 28, 2013

I Love A Rain Drenched County

As I published my last post the rain had begun to fall.
Ex-cyclone Oswald was moving down the coast to put an end to planned Australia Day celebrations. 

Our cheers for local Aussies were not to be heard, as the Australia Day parade down the main street was cancelled.

The rain didn't dampen the kids spirit, they decided to add a Samoan flavour with a swim in the rain, "Samoan Style" (fully clothed).

The waters rose and continue to rise in parts of South East Queensland.  Just a few weeks ago we were explaining to the boys how this pole measured tidal height, not anymore!

Just nearby is a shady haven, where over the last couple of weeks some industrious beachcombers have constructed a cubby in a pandanus tree.

A festive lantern suggested this abandoned Robinson Crusoe style abode was constructed as a shady refuge in which to celebrate Australia Day at the beach.

We ventured up the beach, discovering objects washed up from the ocean floor.

Dee Dee frolicked with fellow Aussie canines, large and small.

At times we had the beach all to ourselves.

Playing in the foam, whipped up by the wild seas.

Large sea birds flew over the dunes, we don't normally see this type of bird, were they blown in from the sea? Maybe Bird Girl could shed some light on this.

The rain will bring back the green, but unfortunately the damage will remain for many.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I love A Sunburnt Country

The boys and I are back in the sunburnt country, it is so dry and hot.

At times I feel a little alien, like when the bank teller looks at me strangely because I am unsure where to swipe my card. She quickly makes an appointment for me to come in and get the run down on all that has transpired with banking since our departure. That should be joyful.

It is lovely being in our house.

After 12 years of imagining we now have a front fence, which the DSG began building before his return to Samoa. His wavy gate is the cherry and faux stacked quartz tiles will be adhered to the blue board upon his return.

We unravelled into our house quickly and took time out for walks, surfing and getting together with some excellent friends. Including being reunited with our beloved dog, Dee Dee.

We went to see the Life of Pi and the 3D glasses made Smiley and I feel ill.

Sadly the Domestic Surf God had to return to Samoa, we wept for a long while when we returned to the house he made for us.

DD sleeps under his side of the bed in case he might be there to walk her in the morning.  She struggles a little with me.

'Hero' carefully completed DSG's fence.

My little boys have stepped up and help out with running the house.  

Though the play fighting is a little too boy for me.
Can't wait for Dad to come home.